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CNIC Setting in MS Word
In: Learning, MS Word

It is very easy way to get print of your CNIC Card or any other Digital Card on paper. We are on the platform of ZEEFAH Learning & Training came up with an idea for making it possible for general audience.

You just need to have following to begin process:

  • CNIC Card
  • Any Other Card
  • Printer (Can be single side or double side)
  • MS Word
  • or any other Word Processing Software

Lets Begin:

Working on Left Side of Image

  1. Scan both sides of the card that first.
  2. Save images of both sides of card in your computer, laptop or USB
  3. Open a New MS Word Document and Save it.
  4. Insert Front side of the CNIC into your document
  5. Setup its size as width: 3.375″ and height: 2.125″
  6. Make its multiple copies on first page. Remember that we are working only on front side of the card

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